Monday, 16 November 2009

The crisis at Chester continues

Well it's been a while since I updated this blog, so I thought it only right to give it another update considering a lot has happened in the last month!

What has happened exactly?

Well since Jimmy Harvey was brought in, on the field things have improved, aside from the last couple of games, where City have gone down to defeats to York & Tamworth, the Blues have picked up points and for the first time in 99 games managed to win back to back games, in fact they won 3 in a row!

Off the field though, the drama continues, firstly, the Conference issued a deadline for Chester to have paid their football creditors, and the deadline passed without payment, however the Conference & Football League both saw fit to give an extension to today's date, November 16th for the debts to be paid.

In the middle of all that, City Fans United, the new Chester City FC supporters group, designed to try and unite Chester fans, was officially launched, and already having to deal with the possible loss of the club, and thinking of a future, possibly with a new club.

Following that, the news then broke that Stephen Vaughan had been banned from acting as a Company Director for the next 11 years, following his involvement in a "carousel fraud", which the club advise has no impact on them as Vaughan stepped down as a director in 2007, possibly aware of what was to follow further down the line.

It does have an impact though as Vaughan cannot be in any position, where he can affect the running of the club, and we all know he has 100% shares in the club, under the conditions of the ban, he can only have a maximum of 30%, so it's likely that he will sell his shares on to another family member, or indeed the chairman, Ian Anderson.

If he was to pass the shares on to one of his sons, then it would surely be questionable as to whether Vaughan had stepped away from the running of the club.

So, back to the November 16th deadline, yep, today. Well we have now found out that the Conference have extended the deadline (again) to November 30th, which many will complain about, as it gives Vaughan another reprieve, but in actual fact it may be part of an attempt to take Vaughan out of the equation, as his ban kicks in, in just 9 days time.

So, the future of Chester City FC is still uncertain, and the life machine is to be kept on for another 2 weeks, after that, well see what happens.