Thursday, 13 August 2009

Chester are granted affiliation

After what seems the longest running saga in the history of the game, Chester City have finally been given the nod to get their season up and running.

The FA have just approved City's application following their meeting with the Football Conference.

There is still a debate over the points deduction that was made against the club by the Conference, which will still fuel debate.

The bottom line is though, that Chester City are back in action again, and for that I'm thankful - now to find a new owner that will take this club back to respectability.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

The support for CCFC gathers

Ahead of tomorrow's meeting between the FA & the Football Conference, the Chester City fans are looking to highlight the club's plight in front of the national media at the Deva Stadium.

Blues fans will be wanting to show that the club deserves a licence to play football, and that the supporters will not let the club die easily.

However, the club's supporters are also adamant that they are not in favour of Stephen Vaughan obtaining the club again, but accept that the licence needs to be granted first, and then the bridge needs to be crossed to discuss future ownership of the club.

Either way, the FA & Conference will hopefully thrash out a deal for crisis club Chester at their meeting tomorrow.

Monday, 10 August 2009

Fight for survival continues

Chester City's nightmare season continues, without a ball even being kicked, as today the FA & Conference ordered the Blues to cancel tomorrow's game at home to Gateshead, which would have been City's first home game of the new season.

Fans are now preparing to raise awareness prior to the Conference's meeting with the FA, which will take place on Thursday at Wembley Stadium.

Marches are being planned from the Town Hall to the Ground, with demonstrations of support for City outside the ground during what would have been the build up to kick off tomorrow night.

Chester City Exiles are also heading to Wembley Stadium on Thursday morning to show the FA & Conference that the club is not prepared to die.

Good luck to all those travelling to the various locations.

A long statement was produced tonight which is listed here - and you can see just how amateurish the official website looks thanks to the lack of paragraphing.

It is clear to see in this statement that Stephen Vaughan is blowing his own trumpet, and is claiming a number of things - thanks to Stephen Vaughan - talk about an ego.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Now Conference clubs vote on Chester future

So, Saturday's game at Grays was called off, and we will find out tomorrow if the Tuesday home game against Gateshead will go the same way.

News has come out today that City's Blue Square Premier League rivals have been asked to vote on whether to allow Chester into the Premier League this season.

The early indications look positive for City, with the majority appearing to vote "Yes" to keeping us in, but it needs to be a unanimous vote, which I think is a disgrace, so basically if one club from the 23 holds a grudge against the Blues, they could basically make our club extinct. Shocking.

City will hope that all clubs will think about the potential that is extra gate money from the visit of Chester fans, who have travelled away in numbers, and there may be extra this year, from the fans who refuse to put anymore money into the pockets of Stephen Vaughan at the Deva Stadium.

All Chester fans will no doubt be stocking up on the paracetamols again this week, as another stressful time is upon us once again.

At this point, I think it's worthy to mention the Wrexham fans, who have made known their support for Chester City fans and the bid to keep the club alive. We may not like each other, but there is a definite respect for each other, who have both experienced mighty problems in keeping their clubs from the clutches of evil Chairman or owners.

Thank you for your support, and long may the derby games continue.

Friday, 7 August 2009

It's all gone horribly wrong again

The news has broken this evening that Chester City's match at Grays Athletic has been called off by the Conference, meaning the Blues future is once again in chaotic uncertainty.

Never has a situation occured such as this, and it's all basically down to the FA who claimed they are to review the Conference's initial decision to allow the club to start the season, as a top priority. As yet the 25 point deduction given to the club has not been validated by the FA.

The Blues are due to face Gateshead at the Deva on Tuesday night, but now that game is in doubt following tomorrow's cancellation.

How much more misery can my club go through before it dies?

Thursday, 6 August 2009

City status confirmed

Chester City have received confirmation that they will start the new season at Grays Athletic.

The Football Conference have stated that to be fair to their members they had to releas an interim statement confirming that City would receive a 25 point deduction, this including the original 10 points deduction for going into Administartion.

The news will come as a relief to us Chester fans, but the fact still remains that the man that got us into this mess is still at the helm.

Looks like a hefty Points deduction

Well judging from today's Daily Post, it appears that Chester City may still be in business today, but with a further 15 points deduction on top of the 10 points already deducted for the club going into administration.

Chester were reportedly close to accepting the penalty which means we can start the season, however, the FA are still believed to unhappy and that we have not met their criteria so maybe they have showed a bit of leniency towards the supporters of Chester City here.

More to follow...

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

It's a Rollover

Yes, us Chester fans must now wait until tomorrow morning to find out what the FA have decided to do with us.

Earlier, they said that they had referred the matter to the Conference, but then the Club said they were waiting on a decision from the FA.

I don't think any of them have a clue, but I just hope I can watch Chester City next week.

Conference yet to reach a decision

Upon contact of the Football Conference, they have given the following statement:

No decision has been made yet, but we are endeavouring to reach a decision by 5pm this evening.

So, a decision could very well be imminent, this is it....

Time is running out

As mentioned on my last post here, Chester City's battle to avoid closure is not looking good right now, with the FA still not granting the licence to the club to be affiliated to them, and to enable them to take part in a League next season.

Stephen Vaughan, we believe is currently in Manchester discussing matters with the FA, and if he doesn't satisfy their demands, then life for Chester City Football Club will come to an end.

I feel physically sick at this, and the possibility that I will no longer have the opportunity to watch my team in action again.

Monday, 3 August 2009

More hours of worry ahead!

A day long meeting between the FA & Football Conference has failed to see Chester City awarded with a licence to play football.

Instead the Blues have been made to sweat a further 48 hours whilst a proposal on the club's finance plan is viewed by the footballing authorities.

It remains unclear then, if Chester City will travel to Grays Athletic on Saturday for the Blue Square Premier League opener.

It's everything crossed time again as this crisis lurches from one day to the next without resolution, one thing is for certain, we are now in the last chance saloon.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Tomorrow is the big day!

Tomorrow sees the Football Conference decide on Chester City's fate - along with the FA.

Stephen Vaughan has claimed that the documents needed by the FA for them to grant the Blues a licence to play football, have been sent in, and I truly hope they have, otherwise Chester City's future will certainly be non existent if they are not with the FA.

If the FA confirm receipt, and grant the club the licence, then it's over to the Conference to decide if the Blues will take part in the Blue Square Premier League next Saturday.

The Conference will also decide if any further penalty will be placed upon Chester City, following the return to Administration, after the initial CVA was overturned in Court last week.