Tuesday, 28 July 2009

CVA Revoked

Chester City's existence is now truly in danger of being lost asthe Judge in the Refresh Recovery v HMRC match up in Court, voted in favour of the tax man, meaning that the CVA has now been revoked.

So, a number of possibilities beckons for Chester City FC as it heads back into Administration:

CCFC could fall foul of the Appendix E ruling set by the Conference, which means that any club who enters Administration prior to the season start will be demoted 2 leagues, meaning Chester City would start in the Unibond League, and more than likely with a further points deduction.

CCFC could be liquidated as the HMRC may choose to wind up the club if no CVA can be arranged. This would mean a new Chester City would have to be formed.

CCFC could still get a CVA in place in time for next week, but it would mean agreement with the HMRC, which right now looks unlikely.

Whatever the case the future now looks very bleak for my club.

Stephen Vaughan - you are a disgrace.


  1. on behalf of supporters of barrow afc we feel your pain my friend. Vaughan is a cretin that sent our fine club back to the daldrums back in 1998 and had it not been for a group of local based businessmen setting up a membership scheme and saving us from extinction we would no way of been around now.

    I hope the FA allow you to play in the conference and if not the conference in another league be it unibond level or maybe lower, so you can start the rebuild process immediatley. Also hope Vaughan gets what he deserves and thats a prison sentance for the Fraud that he is.

    There is life after this, believe me, us barrow supporters know.

    Keep the faith my fellow football supporter

  2. The only people that this hurts is the true loyal fans !
    The powers that be should not , in my eyes , run a football club that can't be above board .
    We have just got rid of our last so called Chairman , he too was a crook ... NOW , we have caring , genuine people running the club that puts MANSFIELD TOWN first ...

    Good luck CHESTER CITY !!!!!

  3. Another Barrow fan here,its gut wrenching to see that pile of excrement doing to do to someone else what he tried to do to us. Even if you had to start again in the chester and district sunday league with proper football people at the helm you would be better off for not being associated with that turd. Good luck however it turns out for you,but I really would like to see that man get a good kick in the bollox.

  4. Thanks to all the messages of support above. Believe me, most of our fanbase is desperate to see the back of Vaughan, and as someone said on a different forum, "You can't have Insolvency without SV"

    Good luck to Barrow & Mansfield this season, and in particular to the ex-Chester lads in your squads.

    Daryl Clare - Chester Legend!

  5. A CVA can't be agreed by next week. Firstly, negotiations will have to take place with any prospective buyers. Secondly, creditors must be given 28 days' notice of the meeting to vote on the CVA.

    Regarding Appendix E, it's not a demotion of two divisions - it's expulsion from the Conference and then down to the FA to decide where they want to place the club. With all the AGMs for all the leagues in the pyramid having now taken place, it'd probably mean a season of no football.

    Good luck - it sounds a right mess. :o/


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