Sunday, 9 August 2009

Now Conference clubs vote on Chester future

So, Saturday's game at Grays was called off, and we will find out tomorrow if the Tuesday home game against Gateshead will go the same way.

News has come out today that City's Blue Square Premier League rivals have been asked to vote on whether to allow Chester into the Premier League this season.

The early indications look positive for City, with the majority appearing to vote "Yes" to keeping us in, but it needs to be a unanimous vote, which I think is a disgrace, so basically if one club from the 23 holds a grudge against the Blues, they could basically make our club extinct. Shocking.

City will hope that all clubs will think about the potential that is extra gate money from the visit of Chester fans, who have travelled away in numbers, and there may be extra this year, from the fans who refuse to put anymore money into the pockets of Stephen Vaughan at the Deva Stadium.

All Chester fans will no doubt be stocking up on the paracetamols again this week, as another stressful time is upon us once again.

At this point, I think it's worthy to mention the Wrexham fans, who have made known their support for Chester City fans and the bid to keep the club alive. We may not like each other, but there is a definite respect for each other, who have both experienced mighty problems in keeping their clubs from the clutches of evil Chairman or owners.

Thank you for your support, and long may the derby games continue.

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