Wednesday, 30 September 2009

A new low for the Blues

Following on from last night's 2-1 defeat to Forest Green Rovers in the Blue Square Premier League, it finally became a reality that we will be playing Blue Square North football next season, as City blew the chance to move to 11 points breaking even following their 25 point deduction at the start of the campaign.

Sunday, Chester were brilliant in the derby battle, chasing Wrexham players down as though their life depended on it, last night however, was a complete contrast, and City found themselves just letting the Forest Green players carve them open at every available opportunity, with City failing to keep the ball when they did manage to get in possession.

This is a new low for City, and under the rudderless stewardship of Stephen Vaughan, the club is sinking quicker than the Titanic, and will do well to even get out of negative points, certainly before Christmas, if not the season.

Something has to give surely, as City owner, be it Stephen Vaughan, James Vaughan, Stephen Vaughan Junior - oh what a farce it all is, continue to oversee the lack of players coming in, and witnessing a City squad now down to just 15 players, it's all a sad cry from years gone by, most notably in the Harry McNally era, when he would have demanded so much more from his club.

Harry will be turning in his grave seeing Chester where they are now, it is all down the Vaughan Family, they have posioned the club to the degree where the fans are just simply giving up, knowing that their hard earned is not being invested in the team, only making the vaughan's empire wealthier by their donation of £15 each game.

Something has to change, Vaughan should walk now, before he finally kills off Chester City Football Club, which right now feels as though it is dying, and a sad day for all City fans is coming ever close.

Go now Vaughan.

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