Monday, 5 October 2009

Chester MD says 6 weeks to live!

The future of Chester City Football Club is once again thrown into doubt, as the Managing Director of the club, Bob Gray, has blamed the club's current financial problems on the lack of investment and says that the club is facing closure if no investment comes forward.

This is in total contradiction to the statement that Stephen Vaughan (then owner, and possibly still owner of CCFC) put out last year, saying that he could fund Chester City forever, yet now, his muppet of an employee Bob Gray tells us the opposite.

It's clear as daylight that Vaughan is just running the club into the ground, posisbly hoping that the Council remove the lease on the club's ground, which could eventually make way for the purchase of land at the Deva Stadium, where Vaughan could possibly end up making money, but that is only a suggestion.

There is a lot of dirt attached to the Vaughan family, the fact that he screwed Barrow a number of years ago, taking them into administration, and nearly putting the club out of business, then turning his attentions to wrecking Widnes Rugby League club, by once again taking them into administration, and most recently of course, putting Chester City into administration in the summer.

We had hoped that would be the end of it, but no, Vaughan, somehow fixed it for the administrators to choose his son's bid to own the club again, which was based around the debentures on the club he had, and once again got to own it, claiming that it was a fresh start, and City would despite their sudden lack of a licence, go and achieve a top six finish - if it wasn't so cringeworthy, would be laughable, but there is not many smiling at the Deva these days, in fact there's not a lot of anything at the Deva these days.

Vaughan has singlehandedly ripped the heart of the club, and right now it's on a life support machine, struggling to tick again.

There appears no way back for Chester's long suffering fans, who are now facing the closure of the club they have supported for most of their life, in fact the history of the club goes back 124 years, and now it's all set to come to a close - unless Vaughan sells up.

One of the interested parties is John Batchelor, who has fronted a bid from Gillico, a company, who we have now found out, have been part of the bid to buy Chester City for £1.5m, however this has been much scrutinized and it turns out there is a possibility that Red Bull could be involved in a sponsorship, that would mean a name change to Red Bull Chester City, something that would be again, laughable.

Is there no end to Chester's dodgy owners?

It seems not, but unfortunately, there seems only one way out right now, and that's to hope Vaughan sells to a local businessman who has got the interests of the club at heart, and is prepared to keep professional football in Chester.

Vaughan it seems is just intent on wrecking every Chester fans' life right now.


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